Bag Lady #3: Brain Bucket Bags

Img_7954The thing that started this whole bag making madness was a tear in the bag Sweet Husband keeps his scooter helmet in.  He needed a new one, so off to the fabric store we went.  (FYI: Brain bucket=helmet.)

The black bag (in the back) was made largely along the same lines as the little bag I made yesterday (except that I started with 40 inches of fabric), with buttonholes for the drawstring.

For the orange bag, however I folded my 40 inch fabric in half with right sides facing out.  I hemmed all the open sides.  Then on the short sides I folded over about an inch, and stitched down the edge (to make sleeves for the draw-sting).  Then I folded the fabric in half again (so the short sides matched up), with the rough sides of the sleeves on the outside.  I stitched up the edges to, but not through the sleeve.  Lastly, I flipped the whole thing right side out and threaded the drawstring through the top.  (It will look a little funny until you get the drawstring in and pull it tight.)  Here's an up close picture.

Doing the drawstrings this way allows the top to close nice and tight--unlike the bag yesterday.  I could totally make about twenty of these and use every one.