Bag Lady #4: Stink'em Good Sore Spot Bags

Img_7979The last of my bag making flurry--three little lavender heat pack bags.  Nice Mom-In-Law made us one similar to this a few Christmases ago, and now Sweet Husband and I fight over it in the winter.  It was time to make a few extras.

They're just little pillows, monogrammed on the front before I sewed them together.  I filled them about three-quarters of the way full using a mixture of one part dried lavender to about three parts long-grain rice (not the quick cook kind).  They still smell a little bit rice-y, but the lavender does come through.  (I'm actually thinking about making a few with mint as well.)  In addition to being useful when it's cold, one felt very nice on my headache last night!