A Monster In My Mail

Img_8017Yeah, it was actually kind of like a mini-Christmas when I got home last night.  Because, also included in yesterday's mail, was my very own little pillow monster.

I've been reading "A Pillow Monster Every So Often" (formerly "A Pillow Monster A Day") for awhile now.  The author, Nichol's, creations make me smile, and I can't believe how inventive she is--each one is unique and has it's own little story.

So, when she was having a giveaway (in honor of teeny-tiny-humble things) a few days ago, I left a comment.  Lucky me, I won!  Yay!

Pictured is Midge--my new little garden fairy.  Her story:

"Midge is an independent girl.  She marches to her own drummer.  Actually, she is so independent that she prefers not to march to a drummer, but rather to a trombonist.  She thinks trombones don't get enough credit.  When Midge was stung by a bee, it hurt, but not as much as her heart hurt when she learned that bees don't live too long after a sting.  Midge has since worn her bee suit in honor of her bee friend.  Midge's interests fluctuate frequently, but currently she has a passion for all things blue.  She loves clear skies, swimming pools, her neighbor, Johnny's, eyes and blueberry sorbet, which she eats every morning for breakfast."

Thanks Nichol!