Very Sad Tonight

I went to the garden this evening to take a picture for the first day of summer.  I was happily clicking away, when I noticed something was wrong with the garlic.  On closer examination, someone had trampled through it, pulled on several bulbs, and tried to dig out several others.  Apparently they weren't interested in the smaller bulbs--I found a few just tossed aside--but the elephant garlic....There was only one left, and the stem is broken off so I'm afraid it's not going to keep.  It was so big too--it looked more like a big onion than it did garlic.

There's still plenty of garlic left thankfully, but now I'm afraid to leave it in the ground another week for fear whoever it was will come back.  I know it was probably just someone being drunk and stupid, but I've never had to worry about my plants being safe down there before. 

Now I guess I do.

But, for what it's worth, happy solstice everyone....