Like Getting the Wind Knocked Out of You, but in a Good Way

You know how, every once in a while, you read something where the writing is just so profound that it almost makes you breathless?  Something that sucks you in so hard and fast and brings you so intensely into the moment that you couldn't think about anything else, even if you wanted to?  This isn't just a "me" thing, is it?

If you've also experienced this feeling, I have two words for you--Kate Inglis.

I was first introduced to her writing on Shutter Sisters, which, ironically, is a photo blog.  I quickly surfed over to her personal blog Sweet/Salty.  I'll warn you, to say Kate has had a rough year would be an incredible understatement.  (The night I read through her archives I cried so much Sweet Husband thought there was something terribly wrong with me.)  But the way she writes is so rich and beautiful and full of amazing imagery. 

You heard it here first--she's going to be great someday.  Here's a good starter.