OK, Now I'm Just Mad

Dsc07328Back to the garden tonight to water--now I have missing onions!  Not only that, a hose is gone too.  This is clearly not the work of a random, drunk person.

The frustrating part is that, other than digging out a sleeping bag and camping out, there's not a darned thing I can think of to do to stop it. 

I'm trying to be all, "Maybe someone needs it all more than I do," but it's not working very well.  Nobody needs garlic, and besides I bought all of those plants and seeds.  Sweet Husband and I tilled up the soil.  I've weeded.  I've watered.  I've been mosquito bitten.  Gosh darn it those are MY VEGETABLES!  (And if you think I'm going through the roof now, wait until someone takes one of my tomatoes that will be ripe in a few weeks.)

Needing to do something, I put up this sign.  I don't expect it to deter anyone really, but I just want whoever it is to know that their thievery hasn't gone unnoticed.  And even if there's nothing I can do right now, Mr. Thief, what goes around comes around and karma doesn't like people who steal from gardens!