We Got Gaa-lic!

Dsc07349After a few days without rain, the garlic started looking like it might want to be harvested. 

I think getting garlic out of the ground must be something like an archaeological dig.  Taking one bulb at a time, you have to slowly dig around the stem until you see where the bulb is--if you just start shoveling all willy-nilly you risk slicing right into the garlic.  Once you know where the bulb is you can slide your spade under it and gently lift it out of the ground.

We accidentally splinched a few, but by my rough estimate we still got over 50 bulbs.  I think we might not have to buy garlic for awhile!

I planted three kinds (excluding the elephant garlic)--Broadleaf Czech, Inchelium Red, and Shevlisi.  The Shevelisi was probably the most prolific, followed by the Czech.  I was a little disappointed with the Inchelium as there were few of them and they were small.

Dsc07356After digging up the garlic it has to cure for about a month in a dry, dark place.  We lack such a space, but thankfully have a friend with an un-used garage--thanks Sarah!--so the garlic is happily mellowing out there before it comes home to our pantry.  (Note to self:  The first two bunches hanging up are Czech, the third is Inchelium, and the rest is Shevlisi.)

Sweet Husband also picked our onions this evening, so those are out of the garden.  Rather than planting more vegetables though, I decided to put in some summer bulbs.  It's a little late, but they were way on sale so....I planted Calla Lilies in place of the onions, and Green Star Gladiolus, two kinds of Dahlia (my favorite!), and some Freesia where the garlic was.