Wednesday Poll: Merit Badges

Lee_shooter_th_2The other day these wonderful adult merit badges (made by designer Lee Meszaros) popped up on my Google reader.  The three pictured are for "Being a Straight Shooter", "Going Out On a Limb", and "Rolling With the Punches", but there are others for things like "Having Meat On You Bones", "Taking the Cake", and "Cutting It Close".

The badges got me thinking about how we regularly give children awards and certificates for learning new skills, but--once you get that last diploma--recognition for the lessons we acquire as adults is much more rare.

So, for this week's poll:

How do you think it would change your interactions with people if we were all required to wear merit badges showing the adult life lessons we've learned?  What are three merit badges you've already earned?  One you still need to earn?  One you'd give to someone else?

Comment and discuss.