Wednesday Poll: Putting the Founders Back into the 4th of July

1.  What are two rights should you invoke immediately if you are ever arrested?  What constitutional amendments do those rights come from?

2.  True or false--the Eighth Amendment requires that you have to be given bail if you are charged with a crime.

3.  The Sixth Amendment says you get a speedy trial.  According to the United States Supreme Court, how long can you wait for a trial and still have it be "speedy"?

4.  When the Bill of Rights was first enacted, all of the rights listed therein only applied in cases of citizen vs. the federal government.  What later amendment has been read to make most of the Bill of Rights also apply in cases of citizen vs. state governments?

5.  The First Amendment gives essentially two protections with regard to religion--what are they?

6.  What is the Third Amendment?

7.  In District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. ___ (2008), the United States Supreme Court very recently clarified the Second Amendment.  What important ambiguity did Heller clear-up? 

8.  Name three exceptions to the Fourth Amendment requirement that police must have a warrant before they can search you or your possessions.

9.  Most of the Fifth Amendment relates to criminal prosecutions, which twelve words do not?

10.  Much of death penalty law comes from the Eighth Amendment restriction on cruel and unusual punishment.  In this decade the United States Supreme Court has declared it is cruel and unusual to execute two specific categories of criminal defendants (based on the defendant him/herself, not based on the crime committed).  What are those two categories?