Sweet Pea for Shutter Sisters' Sunday School

I've been following the beautiful photo collaboration that is Shutter Sisters for a long time now.  It's unique among photo blogs in that the purpose of the blog is to encourage others to shoot along with the "Sisters".  I keep meaning to get more involved, but, you know, excuses excuses. 

But excuses no more!  I'm making it my second-half-of-the-summer goal to actually participate, rather than just enjoying the photo goodness.  I can't promise I'll hit all the little challenges--because they do an awful lot--but I'm going to try to do most, at least.


For my first foray....today's "Sunday School" topic was "Shooting from the Hip".  That is, "when you shoot photos without looking through the viewfinder or composing the shot on the LCD.  I personally don't consider it shooting blind, however, and it's not the same as . . . when you click click click that shutter button without aiming or thinking."

As with this pea blossom, taken earlier this Spring, sometimes "shooting from the hip" is a good way to get a shot that you couldn't get it you looked through the viewfinder.  As this flower was only a few feet off the ground, there wouldn't have been room for both me and the camera to get underneath it.  But, by just putting the camera close to the ground and clicking a few times--very nice!