Their Not-So-Evil Spawn...and a Great Macro Photography Tip

Mosaic9560546Went back to check on my Brussels Sprouts yesterday evening.  The Harlequin bugs are still breeding with impunity, and I even found a few babies and eggs.  Aren't they cool looking?

Is it bad that I'm now almost as interested in the bugs as I am in saving the veggies?  Unlike when the squash bugs invaded last year, these bugs are kind of pretty.  And since I know they're only interested in my Brussels spouts, and not, oh, say, the I'll let them live for long as they don't fly at me again.

On to the photo tip though, if you're into extreme macro photography--that is, really, really small stuff that you actually probably need some kind of magnification for--try using a jeweler's loop.  You don't need a fancy one; the one I used to take these pictures was a freebie Sweet Husband got at a show.  It's just a 10x, and you can get something similar on ebay for about $5. 

Put the lens of the loop in front of the lens of your camera, and put your camera on its macro setting if it has one (on most cameras its symbolized by a flower).  You'll have to practice moving back and forth a little bit to get your object in focus, but it really does extend the range of how small you can go.  To give you an idea, both the baby Harlequin bug and the eggs above are smaller than the tip of my pinkie.