Of Sprouts and Taters

Mosaic9240589The truce with the Harlequin bugs lasted a brief 24 hours.  When I decided to accept their presence, I was unaware that my Brussels sprouts were actually starting to make baby sprouts.  However, upon tearing out the most distressed plant the other night, I discovered that I do indeed have some sprouties forming.  (They're babies!  I can't leave them defenseless, right?)

I killed many of the bugs by hand and hoe (I squished them) but, after consulting with, well, basically the Mother of the Community Garden, I decided to take another tactic as well--I sprinkled down my sprouts with cayenne pepper.  I will report back on the success of this method; if nothing else, my Brussels sprouts will be pre-seasoned!

Also on the docket this evening were my potatoes.  I believe the pot I planted them in this year didn't have enough drainage.  The vines got something funky, and never really made flowers.  As a result, I didn't get many potatoes, and they're all small.  But, eh, aren't baby potatoes what's in style these days?