Small Travels, Small Travelers

I was picking up some lawn debris in the garden this evening, when I noticed a pack of baby snails had taken up residence in my bucket.  I don't see enough snails to worry about them trashing the place, so I didn't feel it was necessary to hurt the wee beasties. 

But I did carefully pull them out of my bucket to observe them for a few minutes.

At first I wasn't sure they were going to come out of their shells.  The trip from the bucket to my tabletop would be enough to shake you up too, if you were their size!  Eventually, however, they gingerly ducked their heads out, and started making the long trek across the picnic table.

Img_8926Well, sort of. 

Snails must not have a very good sense of direction.  They started going in circles, got separated from each other, and before long, two of them were on a collision course.  Fortunately, the meeting was a friendly one.

Img_8960Once I had watched my fill, I put the foursome into some nice, moist dirt at the base of my hibiscus.  They gave me a half-hour's entertainment--I figured the least I could do was give them some dinner.