July is Full'o'Flowers!

It's once again time for May Dreams Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.  Follow the link to see what's blooming this month all over the world.

In my garden this month it would probably be easier to list what isn't in bloom.  I'm right in the sweet spot--that week or two where almost everything is blooming and gorgeous, and nothing has succumbed to heat or pests yet....

Mosaic9180978A sunflower slowly opening up. (These pictures are of the same flower, about 12 hours apart.)

Mosaic5957784Marigolds; the Hens'n'Chicks (Janet was right, they are weird!); "Grandpa Otts" morning glories; and a lovely clump of "Diablo" cosmos which is covering my pathway in flaming orange petals as they fall.

Mosaic652999"Cinnamon" sunflower; more "Diablo" cosmos; "Fireball" hibiscus; and red geraniums.

Mosaic2220909A full shot of the south end of the planter box with even more cosmos, Black-eyed Susans, marigolds, and petunias; and lastly my Monarch attracting Milkweed.