Heart Dogs

MoeFor Shutter Sisters Love Thursday....

I believe all dog lovers get a very limited number of "heart dogs".  That is, a dog that answers something in you; a dog in which you recognize bits of yourself; a dog that you love for himself, not because he's perfect.

My first "heart dog" died when I was 13.  This is my second.

I adore his courage; I often try and channel him when I need to be particularly fearless. 

But even though he's as independent as all-get, he seems to sense that I need him to need me sometimes.  He has this thing where he comes up and gently puts his front paws on my knees so I'll pick him up and cuddle--melts my heart, every time.

Even though he's a door dasher, and doesn't always play well with others, I love him, and that is that.