Wednesday Poll: When You Pry Them From My Cold, Dead Fingers

UntitledOnce again, I must paraphrase an un-saved article, "Today's generation of young women take for granted the rights their mothers and grandmothers fought so hard for.  Because they're rights they've always had, they assume they always will have them, and don't pay much attention as those rights are slowly eroded."

Case in point.  Briefly, new regulations under consideration by the Department of Health and Human Services could be read to define birth control as an "abortion".  Coupled with language that would a) require facilities receiving federal funding to not refuse to hire doctors and staff who object to "abortion", and b) language that would allow health-care corporations or individuals to also consider birth control "abortion" and therefore to refuse to provide it--can you see where this is going?

It's an attack on reproductive rights, and it's an attack on reason.  Would someone pretty-please tell me where all those unwanted children are going to live on a planet that's already over-taxed?  What they're going to eat?  Who's going to take care of them when their mommies and daddies can't or won't?  And when parents are forced to choose, say, between having another child or feeding the ones they've got, how is that not going to result in more real abortions, probably being performed in illegal or unsafe conditions?

I know most people who drop in here are women, but this question is directed at the guys as well.  For this week's poll:

How would your life have been different without birth control?  What are things you are doing or have done that would not be possible if you had children or had children before you were ready to?

Comment and discuss.