Send Bricks


For Shutter Sisters' Love Thursday....

When I was a child, I always wanted a sister.  In the way that such things often go, my wish came unexpectedly when I was 17--resulting in a sister who is just as much like a daughter or a favorite niece.

Sigh...and lately a young lady. 

I got to spend an evening with her last weekend, and I can't believe how much she's grown-up.  All of a sudden she has deeper interests, and she's really thinking about the world around her.  She's learning to take chances, and use discretion, and accept disappointments with grace....

And while I love the woman she's becoming, I think somewhere in my mind I thought she'd be a little girl forever.  I hadn't ever imagined her going away to college, or moving into her first apartment, or--yikes, this one just occurred to me--dating someone.

D'ya think if I tied a brick to her head I could make the growing stop?