Garlic on Garlic

Img_9898In anticipation of the fair this week, I retrieved my garlic from Nice Friend's garage this afternoon, and brought it home for cleaning.

It was step-outside-and-you'll-die-of-heatstroke hot today, so I ended up just spreading out an old blanket on the kitchen floor and attacking the blubs with some scissors and an old toothbrush.  It was messy, but effective. 

I got almost 50 bulbs.  I had to throw away one due to spoilage, but otherwise everyone looks fairly good. 

As far as varieties go, I think next time I'll skip the Broadleaf Czech--it seemed to split worse than the other kinds.  I got the Inchelium Red and the Shvelisi a little mixed up, so I'm not positive which is which, but both held together well.  I think those are the kinds I would plant again.  Supposedly each variety has a distinctive taste, but I roasted up one of each tonight and couldn't really tell a difference.

Gracious!  If it all keeps, we'll still be eating it this time next year!