Plant Detective

205464827_210f54d76fAll of sudden, it seems I'm getting requests for plant ID's and information.  It's really a lot of fun.  I love the "hunt" part of doing research--having a question, not knowing the answer--and the corresponding little adrenaline rush when you suddenly find what you're looking for and the mystery is solved.

Plus, I always learn something.

For example--thanks to a question from an e-mailer about where to find seeds--I found out there is a whole sub-group of radishes called "German" or "winter" radishes.  Apparently they're kind of like what we in the States would call Daikon, but they come in all sorts of cool colors.  I'm ordering some of the purple and black kinds to try to grow this Fall.

And last week--thanks to Elaine and Stacy (see posts here and here)--I learned all about the lovely world of Epiphyllum's, aka orchid cactus.  (Here's another page with good info.)  I'm wondering if these might be a way to get my orchid fix with a plant that could live outside for most of the year?  With such beautiful flowers and names like "Queen of the Night" they're certainly going on my list of plants to try in the future!

(Photo c/o bbum.)