Wednesday Poll: Whistle While You Work

Last week. I read the book Plenty: One Man, One Woman, and a Raucous Year of Eating Locally.  Of course, eating locally for an entire year involves a certain amount of work in preserving summer's bounty to tide over the winter.  But, after a long day of jam making, one of the authors, Alisa, had this observation:

Making jam had taken all afternoon and evening, but the last thing I'd call it was work.

It was living.

Made me think about a lot of things that I sometimes consider "work"--going to the store, weeding the garden, cleaning the house.  Although sometimes I might rather be doing other things, once I get over the fact that these jobs are "chores", I do get satisfaction from picking out good produce, plucking out weeds, sweeping the floor....

For this week's poll:

What is something that's "work" (work to you, or something others would consider work) that you enjoy once you get into it enough to forget about the label?

Comment and discuss.