How to Get Tickled at the Fair

Wanna know how to get tickled silly at the county fair?

Take a few photographs that you really love.  Have one chosen as champion of all the photographs, and have the other take second place in its category.  Works like a charm--you will leave happy!


The other stuff I entered was a little more ho-hum. 

My sunflower took second place, as did my garlic (although there were only two garlic displays entered, so I don't know if that counts!) 

Came in third on the salsa (again!) despite my extensive recipe testing.  (But the person who won made this zucchini salsa that was creative, tasted amazing, and used up her extra garden produce all in one!) 

And the other flowers I entered (a hibiscus and a cosmos) got the "thanks for showing up".  (Although my hibiscus was obviously much prettier than that when I entered it on Tuesday--more like this.)

Oh, and we had funnel cake for dinner, which was more exciting than the flowers, but less than the photographs!  ;)