Butterbean Sunscreen [Giveaway Fun!]


Sunscreen is one of those products that always makes me feel like I'm stuck with no good choices.  You don't use it--you get skin cancer.  You use it--you get cancer from the chemicals many brands contain.  As a human being who enjoys sunshine--and even more so as a mama--it, quite frankly, sucks.

Which is why, for the second summer now, I'm thrilled to have Butterbean Sunscreen as a sponsor.  

Butterbean was created Summer Brown, another mom who had some of the same concerns I do about exposing her family to unhealthy chemicals.  It's a mineral based, barrier sunscreen that works by sitting on top of the skin instead of being absorbed.  Basically, it scatters and reflects back UV rays--pretty nifty if you think about it, yes?

It goes on just like any other sunscreen, though, with perhaps just a tiny bit more rubbing in required.  (The Kid's daycare uses a similar brand, and he sometimes comes home with a white streak or two.)  But I actually like the little bit of extra thickness because it means I'm less likely to miss a spot.

Also, please excuse my teeny-bopper expression, but it smells a-mah-zing!  Like, as in, I wish I could take baths in it and also use it as lotion and perfume and shampoo and pretty much everything else I ever put on my body.

And if you haven't tried Butterbean yet, today is your lucky day!  

Summer has generously agreed to giveaway a 3 ounce tin of Original Butterbean (my favorite) and a 1ounce Sport Stick (wonderful for quick application to little noses).  To win, visit Butterbean Sunscreen and leave a comment below with your favorite activity to do in the summer sun.  I'll choose a winner this time next week.

[P.S.  Summer provided me with Butterbean Sunscreen samples to review, but really kids, I love this stuff!]