Lovely Flowers

Dsc07697For Shutter Sisters' Love Thursday....

I'm often disparaging of the town I work in.  The downtown would be dead if not for commuters like me.  There's quite a bit of crime.  It's kinda dingy.  And compared to the wonderful, happy, hippy, liberal town I live in--well, it's just not nearly as fun.

But for the past few weeks, I've been walking down to a little weekday farmers market near where I work.  There's this lady there who sells the most beautiful bouquets of old-fashioned flowers--jam jar vases included--for just a few dollars apiece.  For the past few weeks I've been stuck on her sweet pea, but she has roses, sunflowers, cockscomb, bachelor's button.  She even mixes in herbs on occasion, like mint and rosemary.  It's become my new little mid-week treat.

What d'ya know?  Something to love, even in Topeka!