Wednesday Poll: Brushes With Fame

The office I work in handles a large bulk of the criminal appeals in Kansas, so, chances are, if you stick around long enough, you will eventually be involved in a case that makes a significant change in the law.  Nonetheless, about, oh, once every few weeks, I find out one of my co-workers wrote a brief or argued in a case that's really important, and I turn into a little starstruck groupie.

"You mean [insert name of groundbreaking case] was you?!?  Wow...."

Although no one is Johny-Cochran-famous, they're all kind of famous-to-me.  I can only hope that someday I too will be a legal rock star.

For this week's poll:

Who is someone who is famous-to-you and why?  Ever had a brush with someone famous in the more conventional sense?  If you could meet one famous person (famous-famous or famous-to-you) who would it be?

Comment and discuss.