Gardening Guest Blog at the Crunchy Domestic Goddess

I have a gardening guest blog up today at Crunchy Domestic Goddess.

"My grandfather was an avid gardener.  He grew tomatoes, beans, peas, corn--he even had a small orchard from which he would pick fruit for my grandmother's fabulous pies.  He gardened for 70+ years, all within 100 miles of where I live today, making any advice he could have given me invaluable as it would have been both well-tested and specific to my climate.

"Unfortunately, my grandfather died years before I caught the gardening bug, so I've had to learn the hard way--experience."

I go on to discuss seven important gardening lessons I've learned.  It was really fun to put it together--sort of "wow, I really have come a long way".  I hope you'll go check it out!