Rick Springfield, the Iowa State Fair, and Lots of Very Nice, But a Teeny Bit Crazy Ladies

Img_0658_1Besides being brought along for my charming personality, I knew Mom wanted some good pictures, so I headed for the mosh-pit-area to get some good close-ups. 

It was a bit crazy.  There were several women who were defending their spots come what may--a few elbows thrown, lots of pushing and shoving--but after I told a few Nice Ladies in Cowboy Hats that I would put up my pictures on my website for them, I had my very own bouncers for the rest of the night.  (Hi Nice Cowboy Hat Ladies!)

Rick--yes, we're on a first name basis now--also came out into the crowd, and Sweet Sister got to sing with him.  (That was her other function on this trip.  Apparently Rick often does this with kids in the first few rows--she was "Rick-bait".)

For all that we tease Nice Mom, it wasn't a bad show.  Then again, I'm pretty good at embracing my inner 80's child.  ;)

I had some videos, but I accidentally deleted them in my flurry of picture editing.  (Sorry Mom!!!)  However, I did get quite a few good pictures, which are here

(EDITED TO ADD:  Nice Mom says there might be some interest in buying these.  If anyone wants one email me (blackbird13@gmail.com) with the number of the one you'd like.  I'll do 5x7's for $10 and other sizes accordingly.)