Big Brother Fun :: The Joys of Cardboard Boxes


[This post is part of my "Big Brother Fun" winter series.  To see all of the fun, scroll to the bottom of this post and give a click on the "Big Brother Fun Series" tag.]

It had been coming for a week.  I'd put the baby to sleep, the Kid would wake her up five minutes later.  And, for the record, we're not talking about waking her up with normal play sounds.  We're talking deliberately stomping on the floor, shouting in the bedroom he'd been told to stay out of, etc.

I let it go for the first few days.  This is a big adjustment for him, so I was going easy.  By Friday morning, though, I'd had enough.

"If you wake up this baby on purpose again, you're going to loose a toy," I whispered tersely.

He grinned impishly and shouted, "SURPRISE!"  Little Miss's eyes startled open.  Cars were taken away, and I quickly had two babies sobbing on my chest.

I absolutely did not regret my decision to follow through on the loss of toys, but I did feel badly for the Kid.  Christmas break fell at about the crappiest time possible baby-wise, and--while we did get to have a few days of fun with grandparents--for the most part it was boring days at home with a grouchy mom.

We needed some new entertainment quickly, for both of our sakes.  So, I texted Sweet Husband, "Your mission, should you accept, is to find a big cardboard box."

With the help of a friend (Thanks Nick!), a suitable box was on our front porch within a few hours.


A little duct tape, a few staples removed, and--voila!--a mecca of free entertainment.  It's been a train station, a tent, a dog house, and I don't even know what all else.  

While a cardboard box may be obvious as far as indoor entertainment goes, it's obvious for good reason--because it's awesome.