Bud Before the Bloom


It's once again time for May Dreams Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.  Follow the link to see what's blooming this month all over the world.

When I dug up the garlic at the end of June, I planted some summer bulbs (lilies, dahlias, freesia) to fill the space.  While I was planting them, a fellow gardener came over and offered me some zinnia seeds.  I'm not a big fan of zinnia's--I just don't dig the purpley-pinky color combinations they seem to come in--but it seemed like bad ju-ju to refuse something so generously offered, so I planted a row.

A month later, I'm still waiting on my sprouted, but pathetic looking bulbs, but the zinnia's are knee high and flourishing.  I still don't care much for the flowers really, but I've noticed that the buds that form before each flower opens are really unique.  They're almost geometric--like something I might have made with my spirograph when I was a kiddo.  I wonder if I could make little bouquets out of the buds?

At any rate, the rest of the garden is beginning a slow, steady decline into fall.  The tomatoes are tired, and this weekend I'm planning to collect the rest of my basil to make pesto to freeze.  The flowers that were going crazy last month, are now going crazy making seeds.  I've thought about planting a Fall garden, but, as is usual by mid-August, I'm feeling kind of ambivalent--maybe in a few weeks, eh?