To the River at Last!

Img_1252This afternoon I realized that somehow we haven't gotten around to taking the dogs to the river this summer.  I know--they're such neglected puppies, aren't they?  This situation could not go unrectified, of course, so early this evening we made the trek with tennis ball in hand. 

Moe dove right in, happily splashing after his toy, swimming upriver and down. 

Porter doesn't usually do more than get her feet wet, but today she actually swam.  She's so funny--I almost think she wants to play with Moe, but it's like she doesn't know how.  He'd go scrambling after his ball, and she'd tilt her head a little and lumber in after him.  It seemed like she was trying to figure out just why he was getting so much joy chasing a manky, old ball through a stinky river.  They're such an odd-couple pair!

A few more pictures are here.