When Fish Fall in Love

Img_1323For Shutter Sisters' Love Thursday....

I recently rescued three beta fish from certain death.  After adopting out one, I have two left.  A girl and boy, who have been dubbed Mrs. Beta (right) and Mr. Beta (left). 

They live in separate bowls.  Internet sources have advised that it's not wise to keep two beta together, even if they're of opposite sexes.  Apparently beta sex can be a bit, um, rough.  Ordinarily their bowls aren't even close to each other because they can supposedly jump into each other's bowls, and, even through the glass, Mr. Beta can see Mrs.  And when he sees her, his tail and fins shoot straight out and (this is the weird part) his face puffs out like he's swallowed a tiny plate.  It's hard to see (because it's hard to take pictures through a fish bowl) but he's doing it here.  Mrs. Beta seems to find it fascinating, although I can't see what the attraction is.