Father's Day "Surprises"


Friday night, walking in the door.  

The Kid:  Daddy, guess what we got you for Father's Day?  It's a surprise.

Sweet Husband:  Oh really?  What is it?

The Kid:  It's a bag for all your tools!

Sunday morning.

Me:  Let's be quiet and get dressed so we can go get Dada breakfast.

The Kid (whispering):  OK!

*I head for the bathroom.  Bedroom door slams as the Kid jumps into bed on/with Sweet Husband.*

Me:  Bub, we are so failing at this.

We made up for our lack of stealth with breakfast out and a trip to the wood carving store to pick out a new whittlin' knife.  Between that and a big slab of ribs for dinner, I think the papa of the house felt pretty loved, which is, I suppose, really the point of the thing after all.  

Happy Father's Day to all you awesome, laid-back dads out there!