Preach On!

Those of you who hang out here will recognize "S" of "Preaching to the Choir" as a semi-regular commenter.  (Truth is, I think I might be one of the "choir" of friends that led to her choosing that particular blog title.)  If you haven't been by her blog, you should.  I often find that she says just what I would want to say--if I were minded to come away from the butterflies and sunshine and light and talk about political and social issues more often--and usually makes at least a little more sense than I would make in saying it.

I bring this up today particularly, because she has two posts up that are both about issues near and dear to me. 

The first, "We defend family values!* (*as long as the family has a Dad married to a stay-at-home Mom, 2.3 kids, a minivan, and a dog.)" is about a clearly anti-gay ballot issue in Arkansas that, if passed, would prohibit unmarried couples who live together from adopting or fostering children.  Honestly, the bigotry and heartlessness of this (both to the children languishing in state facilities and to the parents who want to adopt them) bothers me so much that I have trouble forming coherent sentences, so just go read S's post.

The second, reflects on just how close Hillary came.  Even though I was an Obama fan before it was cool to be an Obama fan, this race brought out so many conflicting emotions in me.  I was one of those little girls who wanted to be "the first woman president" too.  I can't say I don't think the right person won out in the end, but, like S, it breaks my heart a little that Hillary was "thisclose".

Again, she's got some good stuff up over there.  Go, read.