Wednesday Poll: Internet Friends

Last weekend Sweet Husband met an internet-scooter-forum-friend in person.  I wasn't terribly worried about it--Sweet Husband's a big guy who can take care of himself--but all the same I did tell him if they were going to be more than a few hours to give me a check-in call so I would know he wasn't lying in a ditch somewhere. 

Apparently they hit it off fairly well.  The guy was very nice and there was not the slightest danger of him leaving my Sweet Husband in a ditch, so that was good.  I believe they left off with plans to go scooter riding again sometime.

This all started me thinking--I've never met one of my online friends in person.  Sure, there are people I was friends with in the real world first that I now communicate with online, but never the opposite.  (Well, except I guess I met Nemmie after meeting her on Daring Bakers, but I knew her brother from high school so that really doesn't count.) 

I can attribute this partly to distance, as many people I know online are prohibitively far away.  But I also wonder if it doesn't have a little bit to do with being a little nervous about meeting people in person.  Not nervous in the afraid-I-might-end-up-in-a-ditch way, but nervous because, well, y'all (excepting those who actually know me in-the-flesh) know the online version of me.  The me that generally tries to look nice in pictures and present myself as a rational, put-together human being.  Not the me that get obnoxious zits every so often even though I'm 27, and wears her husband's boxers to the grocery store, and...yeah.

For this week's Wednesday poll:

Have you ever met an online friend in the real world?  How'd it go?  If not, would you want to meet one of your online friends if the circumstance presented itself?  Or do you prefer to maintain your internet mystique?

Comment and discuss.