Heart of a Lion

Sweet Husband and I have started jogging a bit this week.  We've been doing really well losing weight just by diet (about 20 pounds each), but had both hit a plateau and decided it was time to start working a little exercise in.

So, this morning we got up and took the Moe-man to a nearby park to put our time in.  We forgot that this particular park has geese.  (See my feelings about geese here.)

Our foul friends pretty much left use alone, until the end of our run when a gaggle of them aggressively started running towards us, presumably looking for a free breakfast.  I quickly took five big steps back and watched to see what Moe (who was attached to Sweet Husband by waist leash) would do.

My valiant little terrier protector--he darted behind Sweet Husband's leg and would have retreated further had it been possible.  His head and tail went down submissively--I don't think he quite whined but I'm sure he was thinking about it.

Heart of a lion, indeed!