Quickie Shower Challenge Has Ended, Now Ditch the Disposables

DisposableschallengeI'm really digging that CDG these days (that's "Crunchy Domestic Goddess" for those not in the know).  She comes up with great eco-challenges--not so involved that I feel overwhelmed, but definitely conceived to change un-environmentally friendly habits for the long haul.

You will remember her "Quickie" Five Minute Shower Challenge that went from June to August (see my post here).  I loved that one, because, in addition to saving water, shorter morning showers = more sleep.  Just by becoming conscious of the time I spend (i.e. using a kitchen timer) I was able to cut my average shower time in half--from twelve minutes to about six. 

That challenge is over now (although I'm still setting my timer most mornings), but the CDG has issued a new challenge for September and October--Ditch the Disposables.

To participate, think of one disposable item that you regularly use that you could give up.  It has to be something NEW--no cheating and selecting something you don't use!  There's a great list of ideas at the link above.

I chose to give up paper tissues in favor of hankies.  I had a lot of trouble picking something (we already don't use or have much limited our use of many things on the idea list), but I've recently discovered the usefulness of cloth handkerchiefs (this is gross, but the paper stuff just can't keep up when my allergies really get going), plus they're softer on my nose, plus I figure I can make several cutie hankies from fabric scraps I have lying around (like my napkins, but bigger).

Anyone want to join me on this one?  If so, get the full skinny here.