Moe "Suffers" for Science

Dsc07844A few weeks ago a notice came up on the Dogster "Wayward Welshies" group looking for Welsh Terriers willing to donate DNA for the Canine Heritage Breed Test

If you're a dog person, you've probably heard about this.  Essentially, a company in California is building up a bank of DNA from purebred dogs.  Then people who own a mutt can send in DNA from their dog, and hopefully learn what breeds he or she is made up of. 

Initially there were problems because they didn't have enough different kinds of purebred dogs to compare the mutt samples to--e.g. if they didn't have samples from Chows, Porter's Chow heritage wouldn't register.  Presumably in response to that problem, they're seeking DNA from more breeds, including Welshies.

Honestly, I think the idea behind the project is pretty cool.  If I had a hundred bucks to throw around on something completely random, I'd probably have Porter tested--just because it would be fun to know.  In lieu of that though, I responded to the post and volunteered to donate some of Moe's DNA.

The collection kit came in the mail, and included three swabs and instructions.  Although Moe is never thrilled to have things in his mouth that aren't food, collecting his DNA was actually very easy.  I just stuck the swab in between his teeth and cheek, spun it around a few times, then put the swab back in it's packaging. 

And don't worry, Moe got a treat for his contribution!