Helpful Hint for People Who Do Not Know If They're Registered to Vote

I was perusing the wonderful new Bark Obama site the other day (basically, think all the best pet bloggers on the net putting their considerable talents to use for the powers of good) when I found a great link. 

I knew I was registered to vote in the last election, but I couldn't remember if I was voting in Lawrence at that time or still doing the absentee thing or what.  I was just worrying about the potential bureaucracy I was going to have to go through to find out, when the Bark Obama site suggested checking out "Can I Vote?"

It has an easy-peasy pull down menu for each state, then all you have to enter is your name and date of birth.  It will tell you what party you're registered with, what district you're in for local and statewide offices, and even gives your voting history.  There's also a link to register to vote if you find out you need to.  Some state's registration deadlines are coming up rather quickly, so be sure and check this out to avoid having problems on election day.