A Trio of Little Sewing Projects From Scraps

Mosaic6709984_2During last weekend's nesting/organizing frenzy, I finished a few little sewing projects that have been on my to-do list.  The best part?  Other than the doilies (which came from a local flea market) everything you see was made from leftover fabric scraps.

  1. Super easy headbands from Maya Made
  2. Cute produce bags from scrumdillydilly 
  3. Some handkerchiefs to use in lieu of paper tissues (made just like my napkins, but bigger)

The tutorials at the links above are great, but just two little pointers:

  • On the produce bags, you really need a rectangular doily.  Also, remember the finished project will only be as wide as half the doily.  I used a round doily and a smaller rectangular one, and my bags ended up looking more like Christmas stockings.  (Which might be a whole different cool thing to do with this project!)  They will still hold plenty, but they didn't end up looking quite like I thought they would.
  • On the headbands, don't get hung up on using knit jersey fabric.  I used cotton for one of mine and flannel for the other.  As long as you don't make the fabric too long, the rubber band at the bottom will provide the necessary stretch.