Garden Dying

Img_1640It's once again time for May Dreams Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.  Follow the link to see what's blooming this month all over the world.

Around here I have a few bedraggled sunflowers, some cosmos that's mostly gone to seed, and morning glories that have seen better days.  We've gotten enough run-off from the hurricanes that it's been very Fall here these past few weeks, and I imagine it's beginning to get hard to be a bee or a butterfly. 

I always wait until after the first frost to really get in and start hacking things down--just to help the critters out a bit--but I don't know how much it actually helps.  I found this guy tonight, either dead or very close to it.  I actually touched him and he didn't move.  I think it's just a little too chilly for his kind.