Apples to Apple Butter


Last Sunday, we spent part of the morning at the Vertacnik orchard picking apples. 

The apples were practically dripping off the trees, and it took almost no time at all to pick a bucket full.  We got about fifteen pounds total.  I decided to keep about three or four pounds for eating, and make the rest into apple butter.

I basically followed the crock pot instructions here, except that--because I didn't have nearly that many apples--I used two cups of sugar total, one at the beginning and one later.  (Just for reference, when I had finished milling the apples, I had about twelve quarts of pulp.)  I also had to cook the apple butter for significantly longer--about twenty-four hours--but I think your mileage may vary depending on your crock pot.

I was hoping to end up with some apple butter to give away, but considering the amount of apples I started with, it really cooked down.  I ended up with three and a half pints, so you might get a jar, but only if I really like you!