An Afternoon on the Farm

I have to giggle at myself sometimes when I imagine what my great-grandparents would think of how going "to the farm" has become a special outing.  I think they'd think we're all a little insane!

And, while it probably is a bit funny to drag your Sweet Husband out into the middle of nowhere to make a scarecrow and play with butterflies, Saturday afternoon I did just that.


Late last week, I got an email from Pendleton's saying they were looking for people to come build scarecrows for next weekend's Kaw Valley Farm Tour.  Payment was in the form of a free mum (which, ostensibly, was my motivation), and as additional bait they mentioned their Butterfly Bio Villa was teaming with Monarchs.  How could we pass up a free mum, right?

From the top right...a male Monarch butterfly (notice the scent sacks on his lower, inside wings, only the boys have 'em)...Sweet Husband in the "No Left Turn" maze (Sweet Husband, ever a fan of logic puzzles, figured it out in fairly short order.  I, on the other hand, gave up in even shorter order!)...a gnarly pumpkin...and last, but not least, our scarecrow.  Isn't Mr. Bob Frapples very dapper in his matching suit and frilly collar?

A few more pictures are here.