Wednesday Poll: How did I get here again?

The other night, Sweet Husband and I were going to a friend's new house.  I thought the plan was that we were going to stop by there and then leave together to run a few errands, so I didn't pay a lot of attention to where we were going.  He, on the other hand, was planning to hang out with Nice Friend for awhile, let me go run errands, and then have me come back to pick him up.

It was no problem, except that I had to stop and ask, "How did we get here again?"

I had a similar feeling the other day at work.  I had been reading some particularly yucky descriptions in a transcript, and stopped to clean up for the end of the day when the same question popped into my head, "How did I get here again?"

It wasn't a regretful question--most days I really do love what I do--more like a reflective or even a bemused one.  Unlike several people I work with, it wasn't my "dream job" to become a public defender until much later in life.  In middle school I wanted to be a vet, and I actually spent about a year in college as a music major.  There's no one place I can point to and say, "That's where I decided my path in life."  It was much more a series of small choices--a nudge from a beloved teacher here, a spark of interest there.

For this week's poll:

How did you get to where you are?  Has whatever you're doing now been your lifelong dream?  Or did you get there slowly, as I did?  What influences and decisions pushed you along your path?

Comment and discuss.