Home in Time for Dinner

We're back!  And we had such a fabulous time--taking walks in the woods, canoing on the river, wine tasting.  I took about 300 pictures (of course!) so I'm going to take a day or two to really sort them out before I give the blow by blow.

Unfortunately we discovered that, while we love the rustic out-of-doors, our little low-clearance car does not.  We ended up having a little "adventure" on the way home, involving some new tires for the car--urgh!

Happily though, we were home by five and dinner was already waiting for us.  Tonight was the first annual Lawrence Originals Food Festival.  A group of locally owned restaurants got together to serve dinner in the park, and there was so much good food to sample!  Mosaic4803140

Clockwise from the top left....sesame seared ahi tuna from Marisco's, a pulled pork sandwich and curried lentil-butternut soup from Pachamamas, chorizo stuffed dates in roasted pepper and tomato sauce from Teller's, another pulled pork sandwich from Ten, and beef and shrimp pinchos with yellow rice from Global Cafe....a veggie tamale and a pork al pastor taco from La Parrilla....beef medallions and a warm cabbage salad with gorgonzola cheese and balsamic syrup....butternut squash ravioli and ahi tuna tartar from Genovese.