In a cabin in the woods...

(...a little old man by the window stood.  He saw a rabbit hopping by, knocking at the door.  "Help me! Help me sir!" he said, "Or the hunter will shoot me dead."  "Come on in," the little man said, "Warm up by the fire".)

Anyone else learn that song in Girl Scouts?  Poor Sweet Husband heard it a lot on our trip.  I couldn't get it out of my head, as we were very literally, well...fill in the title I don't want to have to sing the whole thing to myself again.

Although we didn't have any bunnies come knocking, we had a very nice time in the Line Camp Cabin at Rock Eddy Bluff Farm.  It was absolutely as secluded of a place as I could have wished for.  We were well out of sight of any other cabins or roads, and there wasn't a light to be seen once the sun went down.  Although we didn't quite catch the height of Fall color, there were hints, and--for reasons that will become clear in subsequent posts--I'm not sure I would have necessarily wanted to be there with any cooler weather.  But I'm getting ahead of myself--first things first, the cabin....

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It was all one big room, with a bed to one side, and the kitchen to the other. As aforementioned, there was no running water, but there was an antique gas stove for cooking, as well as a little fireplace for heat (we didn't end up using it). Light came from four kerosene lanterns, and the fridge was a chest on the porch kept stocked by our hosts with large bottles of ice.

I loved the way the outside was just as much a part of the cabin as the inside. Although the cabin was much nicer than a tent for sleeping, we really did live in the entire space. The fire pit became our living room to one side of the cabin, and the outhouse and shower were the bathroom to the other side. And lest you think start thinking, "Ewww," to the outhouse idea, let me say, it was nicer and cozier than many bathrooms I've seen. And the outdoor shower, well, again, that's coming.