Of Fungus and Frogs and Wood and Scrabble

389989647_8tbn4m_2By the time we got situated Mr. Moe was ready for a walk.  Our hosts let us know there was a trail nearby that led to a little rock outcropping.  It was very uphill, but the woods were all kinds of pretty in the evening light.

And then there was the fungus!


It seemed like everywhere I looked down there was a new, pretty variety of mushroom.  Made me want to enroll myself in a mushroom identification class ASAP to learn what they all are for future reference, and--more importantly--which ones could be dinner! 

Oh, and the frog too!  This little guy miraculously jumped in front of both dogs unnoticed, and then safely camouflaged himself on a tree trunk.

After the walk, it was back to the cabin for chores.  We both took a try at splitting some wood for the fire, but Sweet Husband was by far better at it. We both got a good chuckle out of making s'mores on the naughty roasting sticks though!Mosaic2905320

And when the sun went down and it was too dark to play outside anymore, we retreated to the cabin for dinner and a cut-throat game of Scrabble by lantern light.  (I won two nights out of three!)