Clifty Creek and Canoing on the Gasconade River

Our first day at Rock Eddy, again on the advice of our wonderful hosts, we drove up the road to Clifty Creek Natural Area and hiked to the natural rock bridge there.


The walk to the bridge was about a mile, so the dogs were ready to cool off by the time we got there.  Moe swam graceful laps up and down the small pool, while Porter...well, Porter just tried not to get her face wet!


After lunch back at the cabin, that afternoon we went canoing on the Gasconade River.


Our hosts kept several canoes down by the river for guests to use, so it was super easy to just load the dogs up and go.


Well, actually, not super easy.  Porter wanted nothing to do with canoing, and so clung to the bottom of the boat for dear life in a way that strangely made the canoe very unstable.  Moe on the other hand wanted to jump out of the canoe and swim, of course--also not something that makes for steady canoing.

We quickly paddled across the river to a nice beach that our hosts had told us would be good for letting the dogs run.  Looking back towards where we were staying, you can see why the "rock bluff" for which Rock Eddy Bluff Farm was named.

389978079_u2zu4mWe found lots to explore on the beach, and the pups did too.


After leaving the beach, we tried paddling around on the river a bit more, but the dogs were just a little too crazy. So we headed back to our cabin for the evening.