Wherein I Got Naked in the Woods


And now for probably my favorite thing about the cabin--what I've been hinting at and alluding to all along--the outdoor shower. 

For those of you who don't know what a solar shower is, basically it's a bag of water with a nozzle attached.  The idea is that the sun warms the water, so you can take a hot shower.  In the summer, I could see how this might work, but, as the air temperature just wasn't getting that hot during the day, our hosts recommended we heat water on the stove and add it to the water in the bag in order to get a warm shower.

It worked very well.  Although, it was a little cool when the water was off (which is why I'm glad we were not at the cabin any later in the year) with the water on it felt great.  The cabin was secluded enough that I wasn't really worried about privacy.  And it was freaking beautiful!  I felt like I was taking part in some kind of wonderful woodland fantasy shampoo commercial.  I'm totally building on of these in my little dream garden someday--although perhaps with piped in water!

Once we were squeaky clean, we cooked up some carbonara on the little antique stove...


...and sat down to enjoy a lovely dinner entertainment of dancing leaves in the sunset.