A Rainy Morning of Wine Tasting

The second morning at the cabin, we woke up to this:

390004371_w3vzbmAlthough the real Missouri wine country is a little bit North of where we were, I knew there were at least a few places with vineyards and tasting rooms in St. James, which was only about thirty minutes away.  So, we packed the pups into the car and headed that direction.

We hit all five places in the area, but decided that only the two that were a little off the beaten path were worth writing home about.  (If you go, skip the ones that are right on the highway unless you like sugary grape juice.)  389984117_dbfikm

Our favorite was Heinrichshaus

It could be that the man who did our tasting was Heinrich himself...or it could be that he won my heart in his first few sentences analogizing "real wine" with "real food" (i.e. unprocessed, whole, etc.)...or it could be that we got an entire history lesson about grapes and diseases and politics...or it could be that his wine is just really good!  Whatever it was, this was our hands down favorite, and I highly, highly recommend dropping by if you're ever in the area.  (Peaceful Bend was also pretty good.)