Later that Evening...


...Porter slept. Although I think she had a good time on our trip overall, I could tell she was exhausted by the end of each day.

Mosaic5529795_4...Moe rolled in poop. Which I thought was really soooo adorable, until later when all he wanted to do was cuddle on my lap.

Mosaic1049718_3...We took time to read some of the notes left by others who had stayed at the Line Cabin Camp, and then listened to the presidential debate on the radio.

I considered whether it might not be a little sacrilegious to bring modern events into the little cabin, but in the end decided that listening by radio was in keeping with the spirit of the place.  It was easy to imagine being there a hundred years before when the only source of current news might have been a radio.  Although I felt like we were missing a lot because we couldn't see the candidates body language and facial expressions, Sweet Husband said he actually liked it better because he wasn't distracted by all of that.

The clouds from earlier in the day were covering the moon and stars that night, so it was incredibly dark out.  It was so dark that--here's my brave confession--I made Sweet Husband walk out with me to the potty before we went to bed!