Leaving the Line Cabin Camp

Our final morning at the cabin...


...I finally took time to gather some pecans. The whole time we were there you could see and hear both pecans and walnuts dropping from the trees almost constantly. It's a wonder none hit us on the head!


...Moe played a few last games of fetch in the woods.  Another of my very favorite things about this place was that the dogs could run loose.  Although they did go a little far one morning, for the most part they were content to sniff and explore within sight of the cabin.  It was great not to have to tether them to us or worry about them bothering/being bothered by other dogs or cars or people.


Then we packed up and headed for home.  Although if we came back with friends we would probably have to opt for one of the bigger cabins, I think a trip back to Rock Eddy Bluff Farm--maybe during summer canoing season--is definitely in our future.

For some more pictures, see here.